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exClone is a Conversational AI technology startup focused on industrial chatbot applications. Incorporated in Delaware in 2018 and Headquartered in Manhattan, New York, the company has been self-funded. exClone's product is branded as 1A1 and presented in 1A1.com. It is used to build and run expert chatbots.

exClone Lab site here is a sandbox to showcase you certain details of the technologies developed over a decade. The lab requires a passcode for full access which can be requested at this link.

In light of the recent advances in the field, like ChatGPT, exClone's eight-year R&D took deliberately a different, more deterministic path to meet industrial requirements and expectations. As a result, exClone's Conversational AI does not require large language models (LLMs), vast amounts of data, long training cycles or use plethora of other tools to make industrial grade chatbots.

Being the inventors of Ontological Machine Learning (OML), creators of Human Dialogue Theory (HDT), and innovators in Linguistics Neural Network (LNN), exClone team specifically and exclusively focused on the requirements of industrial applications such as expert level accuracy, dissemination of authorized content without distortion, easy deployment, scalability, and small carbon footprint.

For more information please contact the founders Dr. Riza Berkan , Oguz Akgungor , Babur Ozden .


Conversational AI

Conversational Artificial Intelligence (AI) focuses on teaching computers to understand natural language and learn from content and/or conversations, then answer questions and give advice to solve problems.

Expert Chatbot

An expert chatbot is a conversational agent (computer) that has embedded deep knowledge in one particular subject, such as global warming, and may converse about it, answer questions, and guide a user through solution steps with deep knowledge and a familiar dialogue pattern.


Expert chatbots developed and launched for industrial applications by exClone are branded "1A1" and presented in 1A1.com.

Content Control

Ability to control all the responses of a chatbot instead of allowing computer to create its own sentences which can be misleading and dangerous as in generative AI.

Accountability and Credibility

The development of an expert chatbot involves human experts and the documents they author. Hence, the performance of any expert chatbot is as accountable and credible as the human expert behind it.


Ontology is a common term referring to the knowledge of the world organized in a hierarchical structure. exClone has developed a uniquely structured, event-based ontology with universal coverage.

Ontological Machine Learning (OML)

exClone founders invented OML algorithm that mimics the learning ability of the human brain by reading text using linguistic neural networks (LNN).

Human Dialogue Theory (HDT)

As hypothesized by the founders of exClone, HDT envisions conversational AI as a combination of three separate dimensions: Language (NLP), Knowledge (OML), and Dialogue. According to the HDT, dialogue rules and algorithms must be developed independent of NLP and OML which is the departure point of sapient computers.

Linguistic Neural Network (LNN)

A special form of a perceptron network with neurons having different linguistic roles (as opposed to being ubiquitously same) and network size growing with stimulus (as opposed to ad-hoc selection), all inspired by the growth of biological neural networks.

Knowledge Technology

Mastery of knowledge science utilizing expert documents is exClone’s approach to conversational AI. This is radically different from systems such as ChatGPT which rely on Large Language Models (LLMs) via massive data collection requiring expensive cloud operations.

Environmental Footprint

Unlike LLMs which require massive cloud usage and a huge environmental footprint, exClone products and all our resource files can fit on a mobile device with minimal impact on the environment. Our approach is eco-friendly.

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